About Us

R4 Services, Inc. was created in 2015 by Chris Rusnak and Ronnie Pruit after both had retired from the US Air Force.  Their lengthy and versatile careers in the military as "Range Rats" and EW Operators/Maintainers gave them a unique perspective into the training needs of our nation's warfighters.  While they learned the needs of many different specialties, their main area of expertise was training combat aircrew to survive in hostile threat environments.  After years of working with civilian contractors, and seeing that there was often no tie in to the MISSION NEEDS, only a list of what to perform to fulfill the contract, they decided to create something different.  R4 is focused on its customers' needs and what it will take to complete the mission.  The goal....in fact the mission of R4, is to go above and beyond what the contract states; to stay flexible to the ever evolving needs of those who are training to fight for our freedoms. If it takes 80 hours a week, but the contract only calls for 40, R4 will be there for 81 hours.